Newport haulier, Jaga Brothers, says it has saved £35,000 in fuel costs across its fleet of 42 trucks and a further £5,600 in tyre replacements on its 130 trailers, after partnering with MICHELIN Connected Fleet.


Analysis of vehicle data over a six-month period by MICHELIN Connected Fleet consultants has also helped Jaga Brothers to improve driver behaviour by lowering the number of harsh driving events, whilst delivering fuel savings of 0.6mpg per vehicle. Plus, Trailer Premium’s tyre pressure and temperature alerts and insights have helped to reduce the number of rapid deflations and costly tyre replacements by 66 per cent.


Jaga Brothers Managing Director, James Hill, says: “The MICHELIN Connected Fleet solutions have had a huge financial impact on our business. Our aim was for the service to start paying for itself in the first year and the figures so far have exceeded our expectations.


“We have seen major improvements in driver behaviours such as harsh braking and harsh accelerating, which has increased fuel efficiency to the extent that we expect to save more than £50,000 in our first year of working with MICHELIN Connected Fleet.”


Hill says the family-run business, which specialises in the transportation of construction materials including steel, timber and bricks, has also reaped the benefits of the smart reporting tools, after the company was suffering around three rapid deflations per month.


“The downtime was costing us up to £800 per tyre, combined with breakdown callouts and any further damage caused. Since we started using MICHELIN Connected Fleet solutions, which quickly alert drivers to low tyre pressures, we have had only one rapid deflation. That’s an exceptional result, and over eight months it has saved us about £5,600 in tyre replacement costs.”

Jaga Brothers, which has run an exclusive Michelin tyre policy across its fleet for seven years, rolled out MICHELIN Connected Fleet on all its trucks and trailers following the success of initial trials of the Truck Plus and Trailer Premium solutions.

The company expects to make additional savings when it embraces the brake testing technology add-on, which Hill believes could save the business around £9,000 per year on brake maintenance.


Gilson Santiago, CEO of MICHELIN Connected Fleet, says: “It’s great to see how Jaga Brothers is benefiting from our suite of connected fleet management tools, bespoke reporting and consultancy services. We are committed to helping customers run safer and more sustainable fleets and this partnership underlines the major cost savings that are possible by using the services and insights we offer through our solutions.”

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