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Membership is more than just a profile.

Becoming a member not only gives you a way to showcase your facilities from your member business profile page but it gets you found from truckers who use our Truck Stop Finder on a daily basis in their thousands and there is so much more to benefit from including brand alignment in the industry, social media support and news story coverage.

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#1 Truck Stop Finder

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Get Found

Get found on the UK’s most visited web based interactive truck stop finder map. Our truck stop finder is used by thousands of truckers.


Optimised Map

The map is optimised to display Truck Stop, Transport Cafe, Lorry Park locations along with Truck Washes in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland.

Positioning on Our Award Winning Directory

Prominent positioning within the biggest and best online haulage industry directory.

Facilities & Food

Truck drivers need somewhere safe to park and decent to eat – it’s not rocket science.


We’re big on
Social Media

Some say we are big, some say we are the biggest, we like to think we are the most relevant. Our social media coverage spans thousands of followers across multiple platforms.

We have the largest following in the UK transport industry and can help promote your truck stop to get more visitors to your location in real time.

Social Media

We can promote your latest statuses direct to the industry audiences you want to hit with a multi social media platform approach.

New Releases

Publish latest news and get it to the industry in quick-time with our popular news platform and social media popularity.

Use the UK HAULIER Brand

Align yourself in the UK transport industry with our well known and trustworthy brand helping build your own reputation.

We will send you stickers for your doors and we can also erect banners on site too.





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