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If you want to achieve utmost customer satisfaction you need an excellent product, such as the new MAN TG. However, it is the superb degree of reliability, consistent availability without any problems as well as comprehensive service which make it a holistic transport solution which maximises profitability.

“Innovative and digital services combined with absolute reliability – this is what the new MAN TG represents. Through optimised uptime, we guarantee our customers peak profitability.”

Jan Witt, Head of After Sales at MAN Truck & Bus SE


A drivable truck is a good truck – there’s a reason why this phrase applies in the transportation industry.  “Our customers earn their money with their MAN vehicles. Our mission and top priority is to guarantee the best vehicle uptimes,” explains the Head of After Sales at MAN Truck & Bus, describing the expectations of the market. In this respect, the new MAN truck generation stands out with its tried-and-tested quality, longevity and improved active safety. This is in addition to revised services, and an innovative digital offering developed specifically with customer needs in mind.



Reliability – above average throughout the entire service life

MAN vehicles have always stood for utmost reliability over the entire service life. This has been confirmed in the TÜV Report. Since 2012, the German Association of Technical Inspection Agencies (Verband der TÜV e.V.) has been evaluating the results of the statutory inspections in accordance with Section 29 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (Straßenverkehrs-Zulassungs-Ordnung) for commercial vehicles. These are then published every two years in what is known as the TÜV Report. Here, the focus is on the safety-related components (body, running gear, lighting system, brake system, driveline and visibility).

MAN has been able to continuously keep increasing its very high proportion of defect-free trucks since the data has been collated. In fact, with increasing vehicle age, MAN vehicles return above-average results in terms of being free of defects, and achieve the best values amongst all trucks inspected by TÜV. The new MAN truck generation is fully ready to continue this success story.

New electronics architecture – pioneering connectivity

The slimmed-down, application-oriented design of the electronics architecture is fundamentally new in all new MAN truck generation vehicles. The main cable harnesses are now designed in a customer-specific manner. Each truck receives the exact cable set which is needed for its specific equipment and application. This means that there are fewer plug connectors, as well as a reduction in weight. Not only does this make assembly easier, but maintenance as well. If certain types of damage occur, then in the future it will be possible to disconnect the cable harness at certain points and repair it in a targeted manner; ideally this will prevent the need for a complete replacement of components. This makes repairs faster, more efficient, and cheaper for the customer.

In addition to the previous interfaces for body manufacturers under the front panel, there is now an additional interface on the frame behind the cab which ensures the power supply for the body; the control signals run via a CAN bus connection. The electronic hardware required for the body can thus be connected inside or outside the cab as required, and body manufacturers no longer need to intervene in the truck’s ex-works wiring – minimising the risk of damage and malfunctions.

The fully redeveloped vehicle electrical system features a modern, central computer which controls all processes. The system enables significantly improved interaction between all sensors installed in the truck. The pre-existing assistance systems now work even more effectively and complement each other perfectly. At the same time, the new vehicle electrical system provides the foundation for future applications such as automated driving. The new electronics architecture also simplifies the process of retrofitting various functions which are now newly available, such as the turn assist system. Up until now this was either not available, or only available under certain conditions. To simplify the work at service outlets in the future, special retrofit kits are envisaged for applications which are especially popular amongst customers. Likewise, there are also plans to install software updates, and thus functions, via an Internet interface in the future.



MAN ServiceCare – optimum, proactive maintenance management

Maximum vehicle availability means minimum downtimes. This is provided by the proactive maintenance management offering, MAN ServiceCare. The MAN service outlet analyses the vehicle using the maintenance-related data transmitted by the RIO box installed in the vehicle, and provides support in the coordination of maintenance appointments. This makes it possible to take the truck to the workshop proactively, before a possible defect occurs. MAN ServiceCare is available for free for all customers via the RIO platform; it can be activated online with just a few details required.

However, proactive maintenance management doesn’t just react to an imminent problem, it also links the truck, driver, owner and workshop in order to plan maintenance and repair work ahead of time and to bundle it intelligently. Customers can view the maintenance status, appointments, components which need to be repaired and damage notifications for their entire MAN fleet at any time in RIO. E-mail notifications provide information early on about upcoming workshop appointments, making it possible to keep an eye on the current availability of the truck at all times, and allowing the dispatcher to plan the appointment with ease.

Uptime guarantee – complete comprehensive protection included

In the unlikely event that a new MAN TG does break down due to a technical defect, MAN offers comprehensive protection and support through an uptime guarantee, in conjunction with the Comfort, ComfortPlus and ComfortSuper maintenance contracts and the activation of MAN ServiceCare. The uptime guarantee applies to over 30 European countries and contains services such as an on-site breakdown service or, if necessary, towing to the closest MAN service outlet, where experienced technicians will deal with the problem. If this is not possible in the short term, MAN will provide a replacement vehicle for up to 14 days, or downtime compensation of up to 180 euros a day if no replacement vehicle is available. This range of services minimises downtime and keeps the costs calculable at all times.

MAN Driver App – a smart approach to day-to-day work

The free MAN Driver App is available for iOS and Android users and makes it easier for the driver to check that their truck is in technically perfect condition, and thus check its availability. A digital checklist accompanies the pre-departure check, during which drivers identify damage or defects and can document them immediately with the app. Using RIO, the fleet manager is able to transmit this information digitally to the workshop selected in MAN ServiceCare. The app also eliminates the need to spend long periods of time searching for a workshop – the integrated MAN Dealership Search shows the nearest MAN service outlet at all times. This can save a lot of time, and the next workshop visit can be perfectly incorporated into route planning.

The QuickManual function allows selected switches and check lamps to be simply scanned and explanations of functions and, if need be, recommendations for action to be immediately displayed as text or read out using the speech function. In the event of a breakdown, the driver can request help via the MAN Mobile24 breakdown call function. The app automatically determines the exact location via the vehicle’s GPS data. The driver only needs to tap the button to call Mobile24 – this will establish contact with an expert service employee.



MAN ServiceBooking – book workshop appointments online

With the new digital MAN ServiceBooking service – available through the course of 2020 depending on country – MAN customers will be able to arrange workshop appointments and book services easily online, whatever the time of day. In the process, the system compares the preferred appointment dates with the workshop’s service capacities in real time – regardless of whether it is a maintenance appointment, statutory inspection, exhaust-gas inspection or general repair work. The appointments are booked online using secure SSL encryption.

MAN ServiceBooking is accessed via the MAN Dealership Search. A booking can be made either as a guest or via a personal user account. The customer receives their appointment confirmation immediately via e-mail or SMS, receives an appointment reminder through the same channel, and is kept informed of the current status when their truck is undergoing servicing. MAN ServiceBooking is available as a web app on various devices such as smartphones, tablets or desktops, and offers a quick overview of all current and future planned appointments for the vehicles, wherever you may be.

MAN Genuine parts – utmost availability at a guaranteed price

In addition to flexible planning when it comes to maintenance or repair appointments, the availability of spare parts is also a decisive factor when it comes to minimising a truck’s downtime. For the new MAN truck generation, 80 percent of the most important replacement parts are kept available in the workshops at all times, and 95 percent are available by the next day at the latest. Deliveries are sent to 2,000 shipping addresses in over 100 countries, thus ensuring the global availability of MAN Genuine parts.

Selected repairs (e.g. for brakes, oil/filter/seal replacements, the clutch, exhaust silencer or the driver’s seat) are carried out at a fixed price by the MAN service outlets. The fixed-price packages contain all the MAN Genuine parts which are necessary for the repairs as well as all working hours. In this way, customers receive the greatest possible planning certainty and are able to control their costs.

In order to prevent maintenance or repair work arising again, it can be highly advisable to also replace other parts affected by the scope of the repair work. As such, the MAN kits offer an ideal solution when it comes to components. The kits include all necessary MAN Genuine parts – which have been optimally coordinated with each other – in a complete set, so that maintenance and repair work can be carried out in as comprehensive and long-lasting a manner as possible.

Additionally, MAN provides a two-year warranty for all repairs carried out at MAN workshops, including the MAN Genuine parts installed as part of the repair work.

Mobile24 app – super-fast support in the event of a breakdown

In addition to an excellent service and maintenance offering, a dependable and reliable breakdown service naturally also belongs to the MAN portfolio, in case the vehicle should break down after all. Mobile24 can be reached on a Europe-wide standard number 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The hotline employees provide assistance in 26 languages and over 2,000 workshops are available.

The new MAN truck generation will be equipped ex-works with a Mobile24 in-vehicle app in the infotainment system. This allows the Mobile24 service centre to be notified directly in the event of a breakdown, including reliable and secure transmission of critical information such as the breakdown location. Additionally, the app keeps the driver informed of the most important updates, such as the expected arrival time of the MAN roadside mechanic at the breakdown location.

Similarly, the MAN roadside mechanics can also use the roadside assistance Mobile24 app to handle the entire breakdown process live. The interaction between the different Mobile24 app functions improves the communication between the mechanic and customer as relevant information and automatic status messages are transferred electronically.

The app also offers many additional services related to the processing of a breakdown, such as tracking links via e-mail, live status tracking for fleet customers or an integrated tyre service with a fixed-price guarantee.

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