SafetyCulture, the global technology company with UK headquarters in Manchester, has unveiled a supercharged version of its workplace operations platform currently used by more than 17,000 UK businesses to help them find better ways of working and boost productivity.

The announcement underpins SafetyCulture’s ambitious growth plans for its Manchester office, aiming to build on its UK client roster which includes well-known organisations such as National Grid, Peel Ports, DHL, British Airways and the NHS.

SafetyCulture, known for creating the world’s most-used checklist app (iAuditor), believes it is filling a gap in the market by building software that frontline workers actually want to use. Traditionally, investment in technology has been focused on supporting systems for office-based workers. This is despite the fact that frontline workers – individuals who must physically show up for their job and who are often critical to keeping the economy moving – represent 80% of the global workforce.1

The all-in-one, mobile first platform well-known for its inspections capability now hosts an array of new features for tasks like training and asset management. It includes innovative tools that digitise paper-based forms from a photo and converts work instructions and equipment manuals to enable training on the go. The platform also harnesses the power of AI to create custom-training and inspection templates in minutes.

Feico Mol, SafetyCulture’s General Manager EMEA said: “Our goal is to change the way people work, for the better, and these new platform changes are designed to transform every-day tasks for people. No more toggling multiple systems and apps or navigating old-fashioned paper-based procedures.

“This is the most significant update to our products since we started in 2012. We’ve packed our platform with as much value as possible for our customers and we’ve invested heavily into research and product development. With the right tools and communications, businesses have the opportunity to harness the latent potential within their frontline teams as well as providing significant cost savings.”

Originally started in Australia, SafetyCulture was recently valued at over £1.38 billion and its EMEA business continues to grow, with more than 150,000 UK workers using its technology. The plan is to expand its UK operations, supporting its ambition to reach over 100 million deskless workers around the world by 2032.

Alongside the platform’s launch, SafetyCulture has also published new research, which delves into the experience of the frontline workforce in the UK.* The research shows six in 10 frontline workers (60%) are likely to use a single app (or a platform) when it comes to completing tasks at work, and more than four in 10 (41%) are excited to learn about emerging technologies, including AI.

The research also highlighted that frontline workers overwhelmingly believe that the best ideas for improvement come from their own ranks (55%) rather than leadership (19%). While the vast majority of UK frontline workers (81%) said the business they work for is not currently operating at its full potential.

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