Leicestershire, United Kingdom, [14th May 2024] With long-distance journeys, severe weather conditions and remote locations outside the central belt, Scotland has long had a reputation as a challenging region for palletised freight distribution. In response to these difficulties, Pall-Ex launched the Scotland Project with the objective of setting new standards in service excellence to outperform competitors and exceed customer expectations.

The project was inspired by the proven successes of the London Project, launched in early 2022, which was implemented to improve customer service and On-Time In Full (OTIF) delivery rates in the capital. While some of the challenges in London, like high levels of congestion, inflated costs and parking restrictions were different to those faced in Scotland, these issues resulted in the same demanding delivery conditions which manifested as inconsistencies in the service levels achieved.

Launched in late 2022, the Scotland project has transformed the logistics landscape in what has always been a challenging market. By partnering with quality member depots, strategically positioned to reduce last-mile delivery distances and enhanced commercial offerings, the project has boosted on-time delivery rates to 98% – a previously unseen level of consistency in the region.

“By mirroring the solution developed for London and tailoring it to the distinct geographic and economic market conditions, we’ve not only achieved 98% service targets, but the region is now benefitting from unparalleled delivery efficiency and reliability,” says Barry Byers, UK Managing Director at Pall-Ex Group.

Working with eight of its shareholder members in strategic locations, delivery zones were re-engineered to allow for improved load and route planning, increasing efficiency and profitability. This, coupled with support, guidance and training from Pall-Ex Group’s Quality and Compliance department, has been the driving force to delight customers with the quality service they now receive. Additionally, it has provided members with increased commercial opportunities and significantly boosted overall pallet volumes and revenues.

Byers explains that the shareholder members have been at the heart of the project’s success: “Their commitment and co-operation as loyal shareholder members of Pall-Ex Group makes them integral to our service excellence ethos. Our members help support and guide the Scotland project and are key to its overall success, bringing sustainability to our network members and delivering market leading service quality to our clients and our client’s customers.”

By working closely with its members in Scotland, Pall-Ex Group has overcome the divisions and obstacles that have historically impacted Scottish deliveries. With the right people in the right locations, it now offers a robust, uniform service that customers can rely on – even in the most remote locations.

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