Palletways UK has boosted distribution capacity at its Fradley Hub following a £1m investment, allowing it to move up to 3,000 extra pallets every day.

The company made the move after experiencing a huge surge in customer demand for consumer household goods, including gardening materials, furniture, and home appliances.

To meet this, Palletways UK re-purposed one of its two fulfilment centres into a sixth distribution facility, creating an extra 50,000 sq ft of floorspace.

Mike Harrison, Operations Director for Palletways UK, explained: “When we first opened in Fradley years ago we had just one shed, which has steadily grown to seven, two of which were used as fulfilment centres.

“Following a huge surge in demand from our customers, it became apparent that we needed to do things differently, which meant increasing our capacity to move many more pallets through the Hub.

“This new distribution centre is all about us building additional capacity, capability, efficiency and ultimately resilience into our operations here.”

Palletways is the UK and Europe’s leading palletised freight delivery network, specialising in premium, innovative solutions that ensure customers’ consignments reach their destination more efficiently.

Providing full traceability and industry-leading service levels, the company is trusted by more customers across Europe than any other network. Its cutting-edge technology ensures peace of mind and confidence every step of the pallet’s journey.

Mike Harrison continued: “What this investment demonstrates is that within our existing property estate, we have the flexibility to rapidly scale up to meet our customers’ needs – when they get a surge in orders and need pallets of goods moved around the country, we are ready operationally to meet that challenge and help them to grow their businesses.

“Our £1m investment in our own infrastructure is designed to maximise the services and capability we deliver to customers who have all seen the immediate benefits of our action.”

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