M6toll announce new toll price changes

15:00 Thu 5th Nov 2020 | Posted By UKHAULIER

The M6toll has announced new toll prices, including a price hold for vans and trucks using the road.

For vans and trucks using the M6toll prices will be maintained at 2018 levels, although there will be an increase for cars.

As part of the new pricing structure there will be a typical 20p rise for mainline plaza and a 10p rise on the ramp price for cars using the road, with a 30p rise at weekends. The new prices will come into effect from 4 December.

M6toll has also launched the FlexiPass, a new discounted ticket option available for short, local journeys.The FlexiPass, which will be available from early January 2021, will offer those taking local trips a pre-paid tag offering ten journeys for £29, which can be used for journeys starting and ending at the T4 ,T5 and T6 junction plazas. 

It works out at £2.90 for each short, local journey taken, whatever the time of day or day of the week the journey is made.​ The new ticket offer is designed to encourage more short, local journeys and by doing so can help play a part in easing  local congestion on the A5, A38 and other sections of the local road network. 

Andy Cliffe, M6toll Chief Executive, said: “We are committed to making the M6toll a stress free and reliable route for all, along with taking huge volumes of traffic from the M6 and the surrounding Midlands road network.

“The new FlexiPass will help to encourage more short, local journeys on the M6toll by providing local road users with a flexible and discounted pricing option and achieve the aim of alleviating congestion on local roads. It’s the latest in a suite of products designed to provide drivers with an accessible and cost-effective way of using the M6toll. 

“Similarly, the price hold for vans and trucks and other support measures we have in place for businesses are playing their part in helping reduce congestion on local road networks by providing an efficient and viable route for HGV and other commercial operators.”

For more information of M6toll pricing visit: https://www.m6toll.co.uk/our-prices-are-changing/

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