UK-based HGV drivers face severe consequences for failing to comply with the Highway Code, including loss of their vocational driving licences by the Traffic Commissioners, when appearing at disciplinary hearings following police enforcement action.

The National Police Chief’s Council have provided further information which shows that whilst 45% of vehicles were heavy goods vehicle; cars, coaches and vans accounted for the remaining 55%.

The Road Haulage Association fully supports Highways England’s enforcement action to target non-compliant drivers of all classes of vehicle.

Commenting, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said:

“All drivers must drive safely and pay due care and attention to all road users and must comply with the Highway Code.

“We constantly push the message that drivers should not use hand held mobile phones or any other devices – electronic of otherwise – while driving. Any distraction puts the driver of the vehicle and other road users; including pedestrians at risk.”


The following is the Freight Transport Association’s reaction to Highways England’s announcement about the use of an unmarked lorry to catch dangerous drivers:

Malcolm Bingham, FTA’s Head of Road Network Management Policy said:

“Drivers of any vehicles who fail to pay full attention while behind the wheel should undoubtedly be punished, and the Freight Transport Association fully supports enforcement of the law against those who bring discredit to the logistics industry.  Our members are well aware of the need to pay full attention when operating a vehicle, and this is reinforced in all our member communications, at briefings and events.  Driving while distracted is completely unacceptable, and while the vast majority of freight operators work to the letter of the law, we welcome any new initiative which identifies the small minority of those whose dangerous behaviour puts other road users at risk.”


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