West Mercia Police have implemented a low emissions salary sacrifice car benefits scheme with Tusker, via the CPC Drive framework, to the immediate advantage of its 4,600 employees.

The adoption of an Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice Scheme to supplement its existing employee benefits package was aimed to encourage the usage of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles by its workforce, minimising its Scope 3 emissions in the process.

In providing employees access to all-inclusive, hassle-free motoring at a fixed monthly cost, it has given them access to a range of brand new Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVS) at a lower cost than other methods of new vehicle funding.

Launched to West Mercia’s 4,600 staff, the scheme has been an immediate success, with 14% of employees creating an account with Tusker immediately. 42 vehicles were ordered and 27 were delivered within the first two months of launch.

Rachel Hartland-Lane, West Mercia Police’s Director of Business Services, commented: “Mobilising this scheme has been a very positive experience and an exemplar to how a project should be implemented, in a condensed timeframe. The support from both Tusker and CPC was very professional, experienced and everybody understood their role and responsibility, accountability of actions and deliverables.”

Tusker and CPC Drive have supported the organisation every step of the way both through the implementation, communication and further roadshows in order to ensure that the scheme is successful.

Paul Gilshan, Tusker’s CEO commented: “We are delighted at the success of the scheme we launched with West Mercia Police. It is great to see hundreds of public sector organisations recognising the additional benefit and value the car benefit scheme can provide for their staff. The scheme offers the opportunity to save money on a new car, while lowering emissions and boosting staff benefits at the same time.”

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