RHA Managing Director Richard Smith met with Kate Walker from Diabetes Safety Organisation last week to discuss joint efforts to raise diabetes awareness in the road transport sector.

Smith was told that one in 12 people has diabetes and that there are five million people in the UK diagnosed with the condition.

Speaking from the RHA’s Peterborough HQ, he said: “I was genuinely surprised to learn that 700 people in the UK are diagnosed with diabetes every day. That’s why we are teaming up with the Diabetes Safety Organisation to raise awareness within the industry.”

The RHA will be working closely with the Diabetes Safety Organisation to raise awareness of diabetes with employees, members, and the road transport industry.

Diabetes Safety Organisation will speak at RHA regional briefings, host webinars and visit truck stops to educate drivers as part of the National Lorry Week campaign in October.

Promoting diabetes awareness and fostering a safe environment are crucial for creating an inclusive and supportive industry for individuals with the condition in the sector.


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