It’s not just Team GB that has been racking up the golds and silvers this summer. FORS has reported that it has reached record numbers of FORS Gold and FORS Silver-accredited members.


As of 19 August 2021, the total number of Gold-accredited members reached a new high of 321, while the number of Silver members stands at a record 1,650. FORS Silver and Gold are the highest levels of accreditation available to members, requiring operators to meet more exacting standards and hold themselves to a higher level of accountability than at Bronze level.


The recent increase in the number of operators opting to progress to higher levels of FORS accreditation is testament to the value of FORS Silver and Gold and the benefits  that operators of all shapes and sizes can enjoy, particularly in relation to efficiency, cost reduction and winning new contracts.


Data from the FORS 2019 Performance Survey revealed that, for Bronze operators, on average 26% of contracts require FORS. For Silver and Gold operators, however, the percentages rise to 38% and 51% respectively. Overall, 38% of FORS members reported winning work over competitors as a direct benefit of FORS.


When it comes to cost and efficiency savings, the case for FORS membership is just as compelling. 24% of FORS members reported saving on their insurance premium, at an average saving of 8.2%, while the average year-on-year change in MPG for Gold members equates to a whopping 12%. Gold members also demonstrated improved fleet safety, reducing the number of annual incidents by 31% on average.


John Hix, FORS Director, said, “We are delighted to see our membership levels continuing to rise at Silver and Gold level. Our data and member feedback consistently demonstrate the benefits of FORS and its growing importance in the tendering process. We are always evaluating our offering to ensure that members get the very most out of FORS, no matter the size or make-up of their fleet”.


FORS members work through the progressive levels of the scheme and adhere to the FORS Standard, which sets out the requirements operators must meet if they wish to become FORS accredited. The document is updated every two years to ensure it keeps abreast of industry trends and upcoming legislative changes.


The latest iteration of the FORS Standard, version 6, is due to be published in October 2021 and implemented in July 2022, having being postponed by one year to minimise disruption to FORS members in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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