New online transport marketplace in the UK

14:00 Fri 15th Sep 2017 | Posted By UKHAULIER

Clicktrans, an online transport marketplace is now available in the United Kingdom. This platform successfully connects shippers and carriers. It provides access to numerous transport jobs, posted by both private and business customers. Its main objective is to optimise freight transport and enhance transport companies’ management and efficiency.

Clicktrans has been successfully operating in Europe since 2010 and now it embarks on a new journey in the UK. It connects people looking for transport with transport providers, who are already making the same route. What are the benefits of this new way of looking at road transport? Avoiding empty running, saving energy and money, as well as reduced traffic to name only a few. Clicktrans’ attempts to tackle the problem of inefficient transport have already proved to be successful in other European countries e.g. Spain, Poland, and Germany. Couriers, who often do not manage to find return loads, drop off entire deliveries at a customer’s home, return empty and lose money. Clicktrans makes finding return loads easy and timely. It gives an opportunity not only to save a few quid, but also to earn extra on the return journey.

All registered couriers can leverage from searching various transport categories and choose routes and listings that are the most suitable for their business agenda. There is no subscription plan for transport companies, nor for their customers.

All transport providers registered on Clicktrans are verified. This way Clicktrans builds a community based on trustworthy business partners. The Clicktrans community includes 150,000 customers and almost 30,000 transport companies from all over Europe. Clicktrans aspires to become a widely known online transport platform in the UK and the go-to online tool for international and domestic transport. According to Eurostat, in 2015 United Kingdom with four other European countries (Germany, France, Poland and Spain) dominated road transport, measured in tonnes of kilograms loaded and unloaded.

The proportions of international and national road transport in the EU vary across member countries, with the UK leading the peloton of countries with the highest proportion of national road transport. In 2015 95.5% of loads did not leave the country. According to the European Commission, almost one-fourth of the trucks travelling through the UK each year are so-called “empty runs”. Clicktrans’ efforts to optimise road transport are important for reducing the number of empty runs in the UK. While empty running is more present in domestic transport, finding loads for an international return journeys is more challenging and economically important and can be easily handled by using Clicktrans.

With Clicktrans, many thousands of items have already been collected and delivered by almost 30,000 transport companies. Types of deliveries include small parcels, palletised goods, removals, motorcycles, cars and over-sized items. Clicktrans facilitates easy, timely and cost-efficient transport services. Customers in the UK will now be able to ship all things, all sizes in any direction they want.

Clicktrans benefits all: the customers, the transport providers who want to avoid empty runs, win jobs and further develop their businesses, as well as our entire society by reducing CO2 emissions.

“The United Kingdom is one of the leading countries in the transport industry in Europe. The volume of road freight transport in the UK accounts for almost 12% of total road freight transport in the EU. At the same time, road transport is the second-largest source of CO2 emissions. These figures can be significantly reduced by the idea of transport optimisation supported and developed by Clicktrans. Thanks to this concept, Clicktrans has already saved 9.5 million kilograms of CO2 emissions. “- says Michal Brzezinski – CEO of Clicktrans.


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