Corrugated packaging manufacturer Jardin Corrugated Cases has returned to Bretts Transport reappointing the Guyhirn based company as its sole carrier.

The company, which specialises in packaging products for a wide range of goods, from food packaging, removals to flowers and plants, has renewed its long-standing partnership with Bretts after 5½ years of working with another carrier.

Ever-shorter customer lead times and increasing service level expectations have led to the renewed partnership, with Jardin seeking the services of a customer-centric haulier.

Bob Koczulab, Managing Director of Jardin, said with increasing demands from customers the long-term viability of the partnership with the replacement carrier had been called into question and the company took the decision to return to Bretts.

Jardin had previously worked with Bretts for some 25 years. Both companies had enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership throughout that time but when Jardin was the subject of an acquisition in 2016 the new owners took the decision to consolidate suppliers and eventually transferred the Bretts contract to a larger carrier.

Jardin’s extensive customer base spans a number of sectors including FMCG, plastics, industrial, removals, pharmaceutical and horticulture.

Bretts has introduced a dedicated liveried rigid vehicle together with four tractor units and ten trailers to service the contract, with the option of allocating more vehicles when necessary.

The vehicles will operate from Jardin’s manufacturing and warehouse facility in Sutton, Ely, Cambridgeshire using a shunt vehicle supplied by Bretts.  Stand trailers will be loaded by Jardin both during the day and night, ready for Bretts to deliver to customers nationwide.

The KPIs set by Jardin include on time in full deliveries, delivery notes provided within 24 hours, invoice accuracy, fleet maintenance per service schedule and fleet availability.

Jardin and Bretts underwent extensive collaboration in the months leading up to the new partnership – which started from January 1stthis year – in a bid to ensure a seamless transition.

Bob Koczulab, Managing Director of Jardin, said the advanced planning had led to unblemished service levels throughout the changeover and in the subsequent weeks.

He said Bretts will play an increasingly important role in the coming years helping Jardin to fulfil its ambition of achieving five per cent year on year growth.

He added: Facing the challenge of uncertainty within the wider economy and a volatile market environment, consumer buying behaviour has been adversely affected and as a result our customers are cautious about the way they manage their forecasting.  This has led to shorter lead times and the need for Jardin and Bretts to be flexible and agile.

“Through proactive collaboration, open communication and sharing of information Jardin and Bretts are remaining in front of these challenges and servicing customers to a very high standard.”

Bob said the flexibility and agility demonstrated by Bretts in the past was a key factor in Jardin’s return to the carrier. He also praised the company for employing all its drivers rather than using agency drivers, saying it was a demonstration of Bretts’ commitment to excel in its service to customers.

He added: “Logistics done well is about harmonising the whole supply chain so that it is efficient and cost-effective which equates to a simple principle of service excellence and cost optimisation. I believe that with the transport services arrangement with Bretts this will be achieved today and tomorrow and in the years to come.”

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