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Firm’s claim that it was ‘getting there’ isn’t good enough, says Deputy Traffic Commissioner.

He was speaking about a recent case involving a wheel loss. The incident had posed a real and serious risk of death or injury to road users, including the operator.

A DVSA inspection found the business didn’t have an effective, recorded wheel torquing procedure. The examiner reported persistent defects in daily walk round checks and said the transport manager hadn’t undertaken any CPD.

The operator also didn’t kept a promise to have laden roller brake tests at every PMI. This had been made at a previous public inquiry.

Lack of meaningful changes

The business was told at a previous inquiry that any further behaviour which undermined the integrity of the operator licensing system wouldn’t be tolerated.

The Deputy Traffic Commissioner said it was only good fortune that the wheel loss incident didn’t result in a serious injury or a fatality. Even after this, the operator failed to take stock and implement any meaningful changes.

Mr Seculer pointed to a recent audit report which revealed high levels of risk across driver defect reporting, vehicle files and driver licensing.

He revoked the operator’s licence and disqualified him from holding or getting an operator’s licence for two years.

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