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Third public inquiry finds construction firm put commercial interests above compliance.

When traffic commissioners take action against operators at public inquiry, their decisions look to encourage or improve future compliance.

In the most serious cases, this involves taking the licence away and preventing future operations.

In other situations, the commissioner may take action against the licence and agree a number of measures with the operator to make sure they’ll prioritise compliance going forward.

That’s what happened with a construction company in 2018. At their second public inquiry, a Deputy Traffic Commissioner suspended their licence and got them to commit to various undertakings.

Broken promises

Disappointingly, they broke those promises.

And so the business found itself back at public inquiry – for a third time.

The Deputy Commissioner had specifically warned them in 2018 about the consequences. She said the operator needed to demonstrate honesty in actions, not just words.

At the latest hearing, the company’s director admitted he got his priorities wrong.

Huge dissapointment

The Deputy Commissioner said it was staggering that the company put commercial interests over compliance given its previous record.

While the state of the operation had improved, it was still significantly short of being satisfactory.

Revoking the licence, the Deputy Commissioner expressed her huge disappointment at the situation.

Trust, she added, is the cornerstone of the operator licence regime.

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