Proposals set out in a leaked Home Office document this week would end the free movement of labour immediately after Brexit and prevent all but the most highly-skilled EU workers from entering Britain.

The logistics industry depends on EU workers to keep moving. And the busiest time of year for the movement of goods is, not surprisingly, the run up to Christmas. EU workers account for 13% of HGV drivers and 26% of warehouse operatives, part of a logistics industry that employs 2.54 million people and delivers a £121 billion Gross Value Added contribution to the national economy.

James Hookham, FTA’s Deputy Chief Executive, said: “Who’s going to deliver Christmas 2019 without the EU drivers and warehouse staff? Logistics is so important to the British economy. If we want to Keep Britain Trading then we need to be finding ways to solve the existing skills shortage and not exacerbating the problem. Without these proposed restrictions there’s already an acute shortage of around 30,000 HGV drivers.”

FTA will be making a submission to the Migration Advisory Committee on the reliance of the logistics sector on EU workers. This is the review commissioned by the Home Secretary to better understand the consequences of ending migration from the EU to the UK.

James Hookham concluded: “We are already starting to see an exodus of existing EU drivers because of uncertainty, the devaluation of the pound after the Brexit vote, and a more general disrespect for the great value they bring to our economy and society. Whilst we support policies that are intended to make migrants and the country better off, disrupting the logistics industry would certainly have the reverse effect. Government policy needs to be more targeted and support and protect our vital industries, such as logistics, in the interests of everyone.”


user image Joe

Wouldn’t need EU drivers if they paid decent wages to the over 70000 uk class 1 drivers that aren’t in the industry anymore because the haulage companies have drove the wages so low. Just look at the Currie European add for trampers £7.74 hr for first 55 hrs then £8.01 hr o/t

user image AndyP

Drivers wages have been kept purposely low by greedy company bosses offering between £8 and £10 per hour with the expectation of up to 60 hrs per week and you would think they’re offering you the world on a plate.
You reap what you sow I’m afraid.
Migrant labour has been used as a cheap alternative for too long.

user image Dougie1964

Joe, you are 100% correct, Currie European contacted me 2 months ago when they found my profile on indeed, I quite literally told the HR person/manager that phone me to F-off… as soon as the conversation got into rates. I was utterly shocked disgusted and insulted at the rate they were offering. They have a massive driver pool of EU drivers as most U.K. drivers will not work for them based on insulting pay rates. It companies like curries and stobbart that have utterly wrecked the transport industry in the U.K.
I was getting a standard wage of £8.50ph in 1995 …. if more UK drivers boycoted these companies it would help increase pay rates AND help ensure professional uk trained drivers were running on our roads.

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