You might wonder why it didn’t already exist earlier: a mature webshop where end users can order parts and accessories for forklifts directly from wholesalers. With a selection from an enormous range of items that can be delivered within 24 hours, OrangeParts serves the customer supply with a modern webshop provided with all of the trappings that an online shopper can expect. Thanks to the arrival of – an initiative of Van Gent Forklift Parts Europe – this webshop is now a reality.

According to Dave Lam – President of Van Gent Forklift Parts Europe – the entry of a wholesaler in forklift parts to the online channel is unprecedented in the Netherlands and Europe: “There was already a number of online retailers for forklift parts. But Van Gent Forklift Parts has now become the first wholesaler to also bring a sales channel to the market. That makes the first website to grant the end user access – without being required to login – to a webshop with the knowledge, the experience and an extensive range that was not yet available on the Internet. On customers can find a vast range of 100,000 forklift parts for all brands of forklifts that can be ordered directly from stock. But, and what is just as important, we have more than 45 years of technical knowledge and experience, thorough knowledge of the market and a scale of operations that is new on the web.

With we also support the dealers of Van Gent Forklift Parts by means of greater brand awareness. With the webshop our products are given an even better position in the market and as a result the demand for these products will increase. For end users that require the service, we can refer them to one of our dealers.”

Lam continues: “ offers the full range parts and accessories for forklift owners: forks, tyres, battery chargers, LPG parts, handling equipment, safety products, accessories as well as all common wearing products. And what is really unique is that orders that are placed before 5:00 p.m. will be shipped the same day.”

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