What is TachoSmart™?

Monitor tachograph data in real-time

Manually downloading digital tacho data can waste up to 2 man days per vehicle, every year. UK Haulier’s Remote Tacho Download service, also known as Digi DL, completely removes this headache, by automatically downloading vehicle head and driver card information direct to your PC or analysis provider in real-time. This all makes keeping compliant and managing your tacho downloads easy and let’s you get on with your role.

UK Haulier can also supply you with a comprehensive analysis software solution. Contact us today for more details.

Save your business time

32 hours saved downloading tacho data per vehicle, per year.

Tacho Smart Features

Remote Downloads

Tacho data is automatically downloaded direct to your PC or analysis provider, whatever the location of your vehicle

Scheduled Downloads

Schedule times for centralised downloads, so there’s never a chance to miss important data

Secure Data Transfer

Data is sent to a nominated server over a secure and encrypted transfer connection

Real-time Access

Access tacho data in real-time, including current drive time and remaining drive time for the rest of the day, week or fortnight, allowing you to manage your fleet more efficiently

Driver Card Recognition

Manual log ins and password combinations are a thing of the past; drivers and fleet managers can gain access simply by inserting their driver card into the tachograph reader, again saving time by eliminating technical issues

Increase Productivity

Eliminating the need to bring your fleet back to your headquarters every two weeks to retrieve data manually, your fleet can be kept on the road to complete more jobs, increasing productivity

Infringement Warnings

It has never been easier to comply with all of the strict legislation rules and laws; the digital tachograph gives warnings and alerts whenever your driver is next needing to stop for a break

Central Log-in

Use one centralised log-in to access all of your tacho data, including tracking, fuel, cameras and tacho date, eliminating the need for multiple log-ins


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Regardless of which solution you are looking at for your fleet, we are happy to let you try it before you buy it.

You can see how easy it is to track your assets and see the savings that can be made when monitoring driver behaviour and fuel usage. You can even see how efficient the remote download solution is with live drive and how much time it could save you.

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