What is Vehicle CCTV CameraSmart™?

Utilise a wide range of on-board Vehicle CCTV equipment

When one of your fleet is involved in a road accident, conflicting accounts of events or a lack of witnesses are common problems in determining who may be at fault. With commercial vehicles, more often than not, when it is involved in an incident, the potential claims for damage is significantly greater for larger vehicles.

UK Haulier’s wide range of Vehicle CCTV systems can ensure that you’ll always be able to provide conclusive video evidence of incidents. This will not only help to protect your business and individual drivers, but also gives you invaluable footage for driver training and development.

With UK Haulier you can be assured to get the very latest technology in the market, with Industry Leading Vehicle CCTV, offering live footage & historical footage which can be downloaded remotely, to your computer, laptop or even your phone.

Front-facing camera footage is now widely accepted in court cases for road accident claims, helping to protect drivers and operators from false accusations. Multi-camera setups, including rear and blind spot mounted cameras can improve driver manoeuvrability and safety, whilst also keeping vehicles compliant with road safety laws and specific contractor requirements, such as FORS, Costain & Crossrail.

Protect your business

With UK Haulier Camera Smart you can protect your drivers, your fleet and your business.

Camera Smart Features

Front Facing Accident Cameras

All forward facing accident cameras have a wide angle 170º lens capturing a pillar-to-pillar driver’s eye view of the road ahead.

360º View

Using multiple separately positioned cameras, you can capture a vehicle’s entire surroundings at all times.

Monitor Integration

Cameras mounted to the rear of the vehicle and near-side blind spots can integrate with in-cab monitors to assist drivers in safe reversing and manoeuvring., whilst also providing vital visibility of cyclists, pedestrians and slow moving traffic.

Live Streaming

Using 3G data networks, managers in head office can monitor video streams from current journeys as they progress in real time.

Continuous Recording

Since an incident can occur at any time, cameras capture continuous video with event-triggered bookmarks added to easily find incidents when reviewing long footage.

Cloud Service Transfer

Drivers can remotely share recorded data with head office via the web as soon as incidents occur, significantly reducing the time between incident and reporting.

Monitor Driving Style

Quickly detect an individual’s driving behaviour to identify problem drivers and areas where training may be necessary.

Measure Impact

Equipped with various sensors, cameras are capable of detecting driving speeds, shock and force of impact to provide footage with additional data.

GPS Vehicle Location

Cameras with integrated GPS receivers can accurately measure vehicle speed and pinpoint location as footage records.

Associated Software

Managers can download recordings from SD card to play back footage and search video clips by date or incident type, as well as make backup copies and save screenshot images.

Insurance Premium Benefits

Many businesses using on-board Vehicle CCTV have noticed considerable savings on Long Term Insurance Premiums.

Proven Reduction in Claims

Since the introduction of in-vehicle witness cameras, there has been a significant drop in intentional “cash for crash” incidents and false or exaggerated whiplash claims.


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