London Lorry Control Drivers Guide

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The London Lorry Control Drivers Guide is the essential map for any operator or driver to navigate the capital and stay compliant. The London Lorry Control Driver’s Guide is the 3rd Edition to the London Lorry Guide and has been published with latest revisions to the London’s road network.

Features include:

  • All height,weight and width restrictions
  • Low Emission Zone (LEZ)
  • New Safer Lorry Scheme
  • CLOCS- Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety
  • Top 10 Bridge Strikes

The A4 sized ‘A-Z style’ map clearly marks the boundaries of all of London’s control zones, such as The London Lorry Control Scheme, Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and Congestion charge zone, as well as all of London’s freight landmarks, filling stations and cameras.

The new edition includes all the latest revisions to The London Lorry Control Scheme. These updates affect the Excluded Road Network (ERN) at various points across the network and came into force in 2014. Trucks are allowed to drive freely on the Excluded Road Network (ERN), but require a permit to use restricted roads. Failure to have a permit or breaching permit conditions can cost haulage companies £550 and individual drivers £130.

June 2015 Publication

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