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Competent, personal and close – these are the standards that MAN sets itself for customer relations: these values are ultimately what underpin any strong partnership.

“More than 100 years’ experience, extraordinary competence and a high level of dedication are all what make our team a strong Partner. With the new MAN Truck generation, we are closer than ever to our customers.”

Roman Sitte, Senior Vice President Sales Truck at MAN Truck & Bus SE


Who knows better what customers want than the customers themselves? That is why it was more crucial than ever for MAN to work with the direct feedback from customer workshops and questionnaires when developing its new generation of trucks. This intensive dialogue helped Roman Sitte, Senior Vice President Sales Truck at MAN Truck & Bus, to understand what customers really want: “One of MAN’s major strengths is its in-depth knowledge, which enables us to find exactly the right product for every customer. We no longer think purely in terms of model series, but rather in terms of solutions for customers. However, what is also particularly important to us at MAN is the follow-up service that we provide customers after a purchase and during operation of their vehicles.”

In purely practical terms, MAN has turned this claim into real added value for its customers. This includes the simple, personal communication with a central contact for all enquiries, the comprehensive and global MAN Service network, and the constant contact with our customers to discuss their satisfaction. Or even vehicles that are fundamentally designed and manufactured to perfectly satisfy the specific requirements involved in diverse tasks, from long-haul transport to traction operation and distribution. These are joined by custom bodies and original products made by MAN, not to mention the seamless cooperation with body manufacturers that saves customers’ time and money. Equally significant are digital services, which are becoming more important by the day in the transportation industry, where they simplify and optimise a multitude of processes. All of these examples and more are what make MAN a strong partner.



An integrated offering – all from a single source

With the new MAN Truck generation, customers have an expert team at their side – with MAN Sales, MAN After Sales and MAN DigitalServices. Central points of contact personally address customers’ enquiries and coordinate everything that follows, from the sales consultation onwards. At MAN, customers are spared the bother and time-wasting of being passed from one department to another.

Instead, the aim is to put together an integrated offering from a single source.  This means that the customer receives a quote that already covers all relevant aspects: the vehicles, the terms surrounding any potential vehicle handback after its useful life, a suitable repair and maintenance contract and even a guarantee extension or finance plan upon request. The modular structure enables the salesperson to select only the modules that are actually relevant for the customer’s needs.

Here, the range of options on offer can be widely varied: elements that complement the right commercial vehicle perfectly are available for each specific area of application. These might include a body offered by the manufacturer, an appropriate guarantee module, or a particular technical interface suited to special operations.

MAN Service – a global network with outstanding quality

It goes without saying that “personal” and “customer-oriented” continue to be key words after the acquisition of a new MAN truck. After all, the extensive, flexible MAN Service network is at the service of owners and drivers worldwide with 1,688 workshops in 138 countries. The highly trained employees in the MAN After Sales team take particular care to always assess services with economy in mind, while MAN service outlets guarantee the very best support with vehicle diagnosis that uses cutting-edge technology. Service outlets are characterised by their long, customer-friendly opening hours. The portfolio is rounded off by the MAN Mobile24 breakdown service, which can be contacted at any time, 365 days a year.

Customer first – outstanding customer support

MAN Truck & Bus initiated its CustomerFirst program back in 2016 with a view to aligning the Sales and After Sales divisions perfectly with what customers want and tailoring truck-related offers and services perfectly to the requirements of each case. The program, which received the German Excellence Award for Outstanding Customer Support in 2018, enables personal questionnaires to be used to gather detailed information on how satisfied the customer is with MAN’s offers and services, in addition to whether and where there is room for improvement. All of this is possible worldwide and almost in real time.

The program is used in 21 markets and evaluates over 50,000 customer interviews each year. The MAN Sales and After Sales team uses the information gathered in this way to continuously gear its efforts to what customers need – more directly, more individually and more competently.



Application fit – trucks for all requirements

Instead of an orientation towards specific model series, MAN is shifting the focus of product configuration entirely onto the future operations of the respective truck from the new MAN Truck generation, which boasts a vast portfolio of vehicle configurations that can also be custom-tailored to each application segment and each body solution. The principle of “application fit” that underpins this initiative means that – by the time the truck rolls off the line – it is already equipped such that the right body can be quickly and economically added for the specific transportation task. This reduces the demand and costs for subsequent installations or modifications and ensures that the new truck immediately offers maximum flexibility in the customer’s day-to-day operations – whether in long-haul transport, traction operation, or distribution transport.

After all, the many and varied sectors of the transportation industry pose vastly different challenges. In national and international long-haul transport, for example, fuel efficiency and productivity are especially in demand. Here, MAN offers a solid foundation for any application with the extremely economical Euro 6d engine family and the coordinated powertrain components to match. A variety of measures such as roof spoilers or side panels build upon this, while assistance systems like the GPS-controlled Adaptive Cruise Control or MAN EfficientCruise help drivers to develop an economical style of driving. The long-haul cabs of the new MAN TGX and MAN TGS also provide drivers with working and living spaces that are perfect for “touring” due to their size, equipment, comfort and storage.

What is more, the new MAN TGX impresses with its optimised handling. The power-assisted MAN Comfort Steering provides precise, direct steering and reassurance with its safe, comfortable feel. The X control arm for rear-axle guidance ensures optimum directional, driving and roll stability.

Efficiency is also an essential criterion for construction sites and special vehicles. However, there is also the consideration that they frequently operate on unpaved roads and even off-road. In these cases, a truck therefore has to be economical while also highly robust and not overly complex. For traction solutions, the new MAN Truck generation continues to offer MAN TGM, MAN TGS and also MAN TGX options with numerous drive configurations. Alongside a resilient design, the market share of over 50 per cent in Europe for this vehicle segment is mainly attributable to MAN’s outstanding competence for all-wheel drive solutions. Depending on the operating characteristics, customers can choose between a switchable or permanent all-wheel drive.

The switchable, hydrostatic front-axle MAN HydroDrive is recommended for vehicles with that are primarily operated on the road with occasionally increased traction requirements. With regard to payload, the system offers a 400- to 750-kilogram advantage over a switchable, mechanical all-wheel drive. In turn, the latter is recommended for occasional – albeit longer – journeys through difficult terrain where high traction is needed. The third stage – permanent all-wheel drive on the front axles with an inter-axle differential – is the right option for applications where a high level of traction is frequently required. This system is at home during long journeys on relatively level surfaces that nonetheless have rapidly changing adhesion conditions, such as in winter service operations.

Thanks to the MAN TipMatic off-road gearbox software for higher gearshift speeds and minimal traction interruption, its all-wheel drive systems are able to put their full performance to use, while the software’s rocking-free mode can also help in difficult situations. The MAN PriTarder® ensures the highest brake output at low and moderate speeds while keeping wear low, while the hill-climbing brake enables trucks to start off on even the most difficult inclines. The ABS with a switchable off-road operating mode guarantees a safe braking response on loose surfaces. Furthermore, MAN offers ESP as an option for its all-wheel-drive vehicles.

MAN demonstrates its outstanding competence in the traction segment with the new MAN Truck generation cabs, too. Featuring a compact construction, they offer the best visibility when manoeuvring, even in tight spaces. At the same time, they are in no way inferior to long-haul cabs in terms of ergonomics and workplace comfort. Their three-part steel bumper, featuring a highly robust and maintenance-friendly design, has been especially designed for traction operation. The all-round package of equipment to meet any operational challenge is complemented by the MAN EasyControl button panel in the lower area of the driver’s door. Even after exiting the cab, this enables personnel to switch the hazard warning lights on and off, close the sliding roof, power up the spotlights or start the engine for the tipping function: Depending on the vehicle’s intended operations, the customer can choose between freely assignable buttons that a service outlet can program with their desired functions on their behalf, or alternatively opt for specific, pre-configured assignments.

The management of costs is what mainly counts for the customer in regional and national distribution transport. Trucks must safely and manoeuvrably approach every loading ramp and kerb, while the driver – who is often also responsible for unloading and delivering the goods – has to reliably tackle day-to-day challenges on both urban and overland routes. MAN supplies the TGL, TGM and TGS series for such requirements. They make a positive impression with their doors, which open to an angle of almost 90 degrees, and wide, staircase-like step units on the new generation of trucks: these add comfort and convenience as personnel constantly enter and exit the vehicle during distribution transport. The cab is just as impressive as on long-haul and traction vehicles thanks to its operating concept, which is designed for maximum functionality and ergonomics.

The TGS-TS semitrailer tractor is a typical example of MAN’s diverse portfolio of off-the-line products for specific operational optimisation. With its configuration, in which every small detail has been scrutinised to save weight, slimline FN cab and D15 engine, it has a kerb weight of well below 6,500 kilograms and therefore a significant payload advantage in intensive tanking and silo applications, where this advantage is crucial.

MAN Individual – customer-specific modifications straight off the production line

If a customer’s needs or wishes should happen to stretch beyond the extensive portfolio of off-the-line solutions, they will certainly find what they need at MAN Individual, MAN’s dedicated department for special modifications, tuning and one-off production. Examples include a built-in cabinet on the rear cab wall that picks up on the design of the new roof-mounted compartments, creates additional stowage space, features slick, multicolour LED ambient lighting, two additional sockets and – as an optional extra – can even incorporate a compact galley with a microwave and a coffee machine.

Anyone who would alternatively (or perhaps additionally) have a 16- or 22-inch LED TV with full HD, a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution (HD+), two USB ports including a media player for photos and film or music playback, a CI+ slot for a pay-TV card, an integrated DVD player and a Bluetooth 4.2 interface in the side wall lining behind the driver’s seat – that is no problem at all either. In this case, the entertainment is perhaps best enjoyed while relaxing in a flexible hammock for the rest area.

Alongside the comfortable interior equipment options, it goes without saying that MAN Individual delivers for the vehicle exterior as well. Gleaming, polished stainless-steel trim, striking roof-mounted brackets with four round LED auxiliary headlights, front and side bars, wheel covers for aluminium rims or perhaps even stylish lighting for the step units that projects the MAN logo and a lion onto the ground? All of these are possible – and even more by special request.

However, MAN Individual also has additional safety systems in its portfolio alongside comfortable, functional and aesthetic modifications. As such, customers can equip their new truck with features like the MAN video turn-off system (VAS). Within this system, a wide-angle camera on the co-driver’s side transmits images to the vehicle monitor or to an optional, additional monitor mounted on the co-driver’s A-pillar. This is only surpassed by all-round visibility assistance, which uses a system of HD cameras to generate a 360° bird’s-eye view. The imagery adapts itself automatically to match the situation. In this way, the driver has an ideal overview on the additional monitor mounted on the A-pillar.

The range offered by MAN Individual also includes technical modifications tailored to the customer’s vehicle use and configurations for body manufacturers.

In short: MAN Individual can deliver a truck to satisfy even the most discerning customers. At the same time, this solution from a single source ensures that the customer not only receives an entirely individual vehicle, but also the same guarantees and services as a MAN truck with standard equipment.

Body expertise – perfect cooperation

With the development of its new generation of trucks, MAN is also demonstrating its outstanding competence in developing commercial vehicles as holistic transport solutions. The new trucks serve as an ideal basis for turning vehicles into perfect tools for customers through precisely coordinated interaction with the body, semitrailer or trailer in each case. Incorporating the requirements of body manufacturers as early as the technical-development phase – and later on in the vehicle’s ordering and supply process – is at the heart of MAN’s philosophy for body manufacturers. Above all, such a close alliance with these body manufacturers makes ordering vehicles easier for customers in line with MAN’s stated claim of “simplifying business”.

The continuous optimisation of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and digital interfaces between the vehicle and the body significantly reduces the time required for installation by the body manufacturer and thus has an immediately positive impact on processes and costs for the customer. In the new generation of trucks, helpful innovations complement the tried-and-tested concept for the early integration of body manufacturer requirements. Consequently, there is now a dedicated panel of switches for body functions on the instrument panel. In addition to the familiar position behind the front panel, electrical and electronic interfaces for data transfer and body-control functions can now be optionally installed behind the cab. Furthermore, the MAN media system offers the possibility to integrate functions via the respective body manufacturer’s apps.

Customers wishing to replace the basic vehicle while continuing to use an existing body can therefore do so without any issues whatsoever. The frame connection of the new trucks is compatible with that of the predecessor generation; no special adaptations are necessary.

MAN ABBI – range of information for body manufacturers

The effective execution of body-related processes and a high rate of adherence to delivery schedules are safeguarded by the digital Advanced Body Builder Info portal (or ABBI for short) introduced by MAN itself. Every registered body manufacturer can find their orders there, even at a very early stage of the vehicle configuration. Specific 3D chassis drawings provided by MAN in a digital format enable body manufacturers to prepare aspects of the implementation and production for the body before the vehicle is even delivered to them. Using ABBI as a source of information, the body manufacturer can precisely plan delivery of the complete vehicle in addition to working out costs and schedules with greater certainty.

In the future, the offer of MAN ABBI will be supplemented by the Body Builder website: The website is managed by MAN Body Builder Management and merges all links and topics relevant to body manufacturers into just one online source. In the future, it will act as the marketplace between MAN and body manufacturers. Expected availability of the BodyBuilderWebpage: Spring 2020.

MAN TurnKeySolutions – ideal pre-configuration

“MAN TurnKeySolutions” represent yet another new offering. Predefined vehicle configurations that satisfy industry standards are offered under this name and comprise the basic vehicle with PTO, body and the various interfaces. Customers requiring trucks for applications in construction (tippers, cranes, set-down and roll-off skip loaders), waste disposal (refuse collectors) or for carrying liquids or gases only need to choose a few individual options such as seat variants or the colour of the paintwork. The vehicle variants can be immediately accessed from the sales configurator and no longer require any separate communication between the salesperson and the body manufacturer, while slots for the body are already pre-scheduled. MAN TurnKeySolutions save an enormous amount of time for customers throughout the sales process, guaranteeing them a truck that matches their exact specifications at the same time.

MAN DigitalServices – the most innovative kind

When developing MAN Digital Services, the team behind them greatly benefits from the unique wealth of experience that MAN has accumulated as a manufacturer of commercial vehicles. The new MAN Truck generation also features more digital connectivity than any MAN truck that has gone before. This not only ideally equips them for the future with a view to all upcoming challenges brought about by a digitalised transportation industry: it even allows customers to use their vehicle more economically, sustainably, safely, comfortably and with greater systems integration today.

The team from MAN DigitalServices develops the associated portfolio of digital applications itself in order to create products that offer real added value and are perfectly tailored to the technology used in MAN vehicles.

After registration, the services can be easily booked and cancelled again daily through the “Marketplace” – the multi-brand, digital RIO platform’s very own web shop. Here, customers have the option of compiling a custom portfolio of services to match their requirements from the following five service categories: fleet management, maintenance management, driver deployment, driver support and vehicle management.

The free MAN Essentials service acts as a foundation for this and gathers the most important data for the respective truck together clearly in one place. In a 15-minute cycle, fleet managers can see the current location, driver deployments, driving times and downtimes, and have the option of querying the average fuel consumption. They are provided with a clear overview of the most important vehicle information, using which it is possible to perform an operational analysis for specific vehicles. Moreover, a reliable history of journeys covered over the previous ten days of operation offers legal peace of mind.

The proactive MAN ServiceCare maintenance-management tool – which is also free – means increased vehicle availability for the customer thanks to predictive planning and smart pooling of maintenance appointments, which in turn simplifies requirements planning. In this case, the responsible MAN service outlet assists with the vehicle analysis, not to mention the coordination and administration of the maintenance appointments. On the RIO platform, customers can view the maintenance status, any appointments, components to be repaired and also damage reports.

MAN Maintenance, which can be used to plan workshop visits and refuelling stops in even more detail, goes one step further. Via the cloud, customers have access to all vehicle information relevant for maintenance at all times. They see the up-to-date indication of the fill levels for fuel, engine oil or the wiper system, can reliably monitor recurring due dates such as those for statutory MOTs or environmental sustainability tests, or check the condition of specific vehicle components and whether or not these are due for maintenance.

The MAN Compliant service provides support for the complex – and usually fairly time-consuming – administration and archiving of driver data. Remotely downloading data from tachographs and driver cards means that all required information is always immediately available to the fleet manager. Data are securely archived in the cloud in the respective country-specific format, while the data-export function facilitates reliable, efficient documentation on local storage media to comply with statutory regulations.

The MAN Perform tool is ideally suited to making all vehicle data concerning performance transparent for a longer period. Firstly, the fleet manager can see how economically the driver in question is driving and whether or not they might benefit from training in this area. Secondly, the fleet manager can analyse useful comparative values by evaluating multiple trucks simultaneously. Furthermore, MAN Perform enables any changes to be monitored, such as when two drivers exchange vehicles or when trucks with different configurations are driven on the same route. In this way, fleet managers are given an ideal springboard for developing their drivers and fleets over time.

Customers who would like to have their drivers benefit from the expertise and assistance of MAN ProfiDrive trainers can even do so while those drivers are out on the road. A MAN Connected CoDriver training course will help drivers become even safer and more economical: using MAN Perform data, trainers provide drivers with “live” coaching and support over the phone while they are driving. They give personalised pointers on driving style and tips on how to make the best use of the new MAN Truck generation’s safety and assistance systems. It has never been so easy to guide drivers towards a safe, economical driving style with an immediately palpable feeling of success and a sustainable minimisation of expenditure for fuel and maintenance.

MAN also offers drivers the free MAN Driver App for smartphones. This app makes day-to-day work easier by simplifying pre-departure checks with a digital checklist, to name just one example. When working through this, any damage and defects on the vehicle can be immediately and conveniently documented before being passed on to the fleet manager with ease. The app also includes a quick guide that uses a scanning function to explain switches and check lamps: it can even use voice output to read a description of each one in a number of languages upon request. Furthermore, the app offers the MAN Dealership Search function, and it goes without saying that the MAN Mobile24 breakdown service can be easily accessed with a tap of the screen.

Vehicle applications are proof of just how advanced the new MAN Truck generation is in terms of digitalisation. Using the MAN Now service, which is set to go live in the course of 2020, customers can easily and flexibly book supplementary software functions, such as MAN Map Update or MAN Online Traffic. These are transferred to the vehicle and activated “over the air”: in other words, remotely and wirelessly. In the future, MAN will continue to expand its portfolio to include additional functions, enabling customers to equip their fleets for changing requirements and applications at the touch of a button at all times.



Configuration for sales – configurator for a comprehensive transport solution

As a manufacturer of exclusively commercial vehicles, MAN has dedicated itself wholeheartedly to its products for over 100 years. This comprehensive specialist expertise is more fully expressed in the form of the new MAN Truck generation, enabling customers to better perceive it. After all, when developing the new MAN Truck generation, MAN also designed and realised an entirely new sales tool alongside the actual technology. The Configuration for Sales (or “C4S” for short) equips the MAN Sales team with a tool that firmly entrenches the operationally oriented product logic of the new MAN Truck generation – even as early as the quotation phase. Thanks to the new configurator, the previous orientation towards pre-defined basic vehicles with major components that could not be technically modified is in stark contrast to the flexible use of the entire product portfolio during the configuration process. This approach enables the salesperson to cater to the customer’s specific requirements to the best of their ability while also taking change requests from the quotation process into consideration quickly and easily.

Two approaches for identifying the customer’s needs are available in the new configurator. Firstly, there is “guided selling”, an application-oriented approach whereby the salesperson searches for a solution for a specific transportation task together with the customer. In this case, there is no initial definition concerning the details of the technical execution. With this approach, the starting point usually takes the form of typical reference vehicles with operation-specific equipment that can be further customised throughout the configuration process. Secondly, as a rather more technical approach, “expert selling” is suitable for customers and salespeople who already know exactly what kind of technical solution they require. The interface of the configuration tool changes in accordance with the selections made.

The modern, intuitive, web-based operating concept also provides a wealth of additional information. For example, the technical vehicle data can be calculated in real time, 3D impressions of the configured vehicle can be immediately displayed in the configurator, and more detailed information on product specifications can be shown.

In this way, the new configurator puts the new MAN product logic of consistent operational orientation into practice from the quotation phase onwards, thus rounding off the seamless interaction between MAN Sales, After Sales, MAN DigitalServices and account management for body manufacturers. The overarching aim is to consistently focus on the actual requirements of customers, who benefit from the pooled competence of MAN as they are guided from the procurement phase onwards by one central point of contact – including throughout the operation of their new-generation trucks.

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