O’Donovan Waste Disposal, London’s leading independent waste management company, has reaffirmed its commitment to safety by including compulsory counter-terrorism training in its comprehensive training curriculum for its lorry drivers.


Delivered through the dedicated Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)  Professional training programme, ‘Security and Counter Terrorism’ aims to better focus a driver’s attention to personal and vehicle security, and to the potential threat of terrorism; specifically, theft of vehicles or loads and the use of vehicles as weapons. The ‘Security and counter terrorism’ module also aims to improve driver identification and the reporting of suspicious activity. Vehicle security and vigilance is also covered in O’Donovan’s own approved Driver CPC course called ‘Waste Essentials’.


FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme which aims to raise the level of quality within fleet operations. O’Donovan is a gold standard member and have maintained the highest level for seven consecutive years achieving exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.


Jacqueline O’Donovan, Managing Director commented: “As an operator of 90 lorries in London, we pride ourselves on the highest level of training for staff.  We feel it is imperative that our drivers are vigilant and aware of any potential threat and they have the knowledge to understand the measures that can be taken to ensure personal safety and vehicle security as well of the safety of those around them.”

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