In response to the government’s package of announcements made Tuesday (28 July 2020) on urban road use, Natalie Chapman, Head of Urban Policy at Logistics UK (formerly FTA), comments:

“The government’s plans present an opportunity to make cycling a more attractive option for private road users, however Logistics UK is urging government to ensure that these plans are implemented with consideration to the needs of the logistics sector. Without deliveries, businesses in cities and towns will not receive the goods and services they need to trade and get back on their feet after the effects of the pandemic. Any new road layouts must be planned very carefully and provide adequate access to roads and kerbsides for logistics vehicles.

“With more reallocation of road space to accommodate cyclists, it is vital that government encourages local authorities to ease restrictions around off peak and night time deliveries and schemes such as the London Lorry Control Scheme are fundamentally reviewed and reformed; this would ensure shops and businesses receive the stocks they need in order to return to full trading, as well as maximising the use of limited road space.”

Ms Chapman adds: “Logistics UK is also pleased to see the government has taken the opportunity to provide clarity on a number of issues in the Highway Code; eliminating ambiguities will help to make the roads safer for all users. However, our members need clarity on several other elements in the government’s plans, including raising standards on lorries, legal protections, and road user hierarchies – we all need to do our part to ensure safety on our roads, but our members will require more detail on the changes to ensure the new rules work for all parties.”

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