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16:00 Wed 27th Sep 2017 | Posted By UKHAULIER

The World Transport Agency (WTA) are global transport experts, dealing with complex and expensive supply chains. It’s a fast-moving and at times stressful process… meaning the calibre of people behind the scenes running operations need to be the sort of switched-on professionals who won’t make a drama out of a crisis.

So, how can WTA find the right new hires to help their business grow?

Until now, it’s been through a traditional recruitment process we’re all familiar with. Flat adverts in the industry press, an online job board and maybe a recruitment agency.

The opportunity of a dawn of a dynamic alternative was massive to WTA. Here, was an online recruitment platform that would allow them to ‘screen’ candidates through posted videos and snippets of social media—alongside a concise, online profile. When WTA discovered the potential that the Vidu Recruitment platform offered, the outcome wasn’t in doubt.

WTA are now signed up to the platform, and looking forward to making significant time and cost savings in the process.

Elaine Evans, HR Director for WTA, said:

“As a global Logistics business, our staff resources are really diverse and often critical. Finding the right ‘fit’ for a key post can be complex and protracted. The Vidu Recruitment site enables us to post vacancies and screen videos and social media posts from prospective candidates—so putting together a shortlist of suitable applicants is quick and easy. Ultimately, finding the right people is vital to the success of our operations and Vidu is literally bringing the process to life for us.”

For businesses in the Logistics sector, Vidu is making great strides to becoming the ‘go-to’ platform for more successful recruitment and truly bringing recruitment to life.

Check out Vidu’s member profile and website by clicking here.

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