In response to a report by BBC Panorama, which raises concerns about the safety of smart motorways and indicates reform is imminent, ChrisYarsley, Policy Manager for Road Infrastructure at FTA, comments:

“As the business group representing the logistics sector, FTA is calling on the government to take measures to improve the safety of smart motorways. FTA’s members have found these roads to be effective in producing more reliable journey times – providing a tangible benefit to the UK economy – but the safety of road users must always take priority.

“FTA welcomes suggestions of increased SOS areas and intelligent radar technology, but consistent and robust enforcement of the rules, and more public education, is what is needed to make them work, in the view of hauliers. Smart motorways can be confusing to even the most experienced drivers.

“By reforming smart motorways and ensuring drivers are comfortable with the way they work, we can ensure the UK benefits from a safer, more effective and efficient road network.”

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I agree that the main issue is driver education, but since we can’t train them to stay in lane 1 except when overtaking what hope is there for more complex rules?

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