In response to the government’s review of the Highway Code, Denise Beedell, Policy Manager for Vans and Urban at Logistics UK, comments:

“Logistics UK has serious reservations about the proposed revisions to the Highway Code and is urging the government to make it clearer that all road users have a responsibility to use the roads safely and considerately. The business group has concerns about the implications that may arise from a presumption of liability for accidents which could result from the proposed new ‘Hierarchy of road users’. We believe that all road users have shared duties towards safety, and that this should be stressed throughout the Code. Logistics UK is also apprehensive that the reworded Code could easily be interpreted as permitting cyclists to undertake large vehicles. We urge government to clarify the text to prevent any misinterpretation which could place cyclists in danger; undertaking lorries is never a safe action.

“However, Logistics UK is pleased the government is holding this review into the Code and welcomes clarifications in a range of areas in recognition of the changing use of roads. This includes advising cyclists to take up a position in the centre of a lane when approaching junctions, and guidance for organised groups of pedestrians to wear fluorescent or reflective clothing to ensure they are visible and for them to display lights.”

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