Allstar Business Solutions, the UK’s leading fuel management company, has revealed (18 September) that nearly 88% of fleet industry experts believe that reducing emissions should be a priority.

According to the research, businesses are also concerned about embracing future business/trend requirements with three fifths (60%) of fleet operators believing that transitioning to alternative fuels (AF) will cause disruption within their business in the near future.

As a whole the industry cares about sustainability and is keen to innovate and embrace new technologies but there is still uncertainty in how to adopt AF and what factors they need to consider.

Paul Holland, MD UK Fuel at FLEETCOR, commented: “We have already seen there has been considerable progress in recent years to establish alternative fuels as viable substitutes for traditional fossil fuels. From hybrid and biodiesel, to electric and hydrogen, each AF has its own merits that deserve to be fully evaluated in assessing sustainable fuels for fleets of the future.”

He added: “It is important that businesses have access to the right information and insight before they commit. By talking to experts and specialists, all businesses can ensure they have the guidance and support they need to make the right decisions for the future of their organisation. At Allstar Business Solutions, we want to ensure our customers are supported with convenient payment solutions to keep their vehicles on the road.”

The results are reported in Allstar Business Solutions’ latest whitepaper, ‘Navigating the Alternatively Fuelled Future’, which has been written in response to demand from its fleet customers to help them gain a better understanding of the impact, opportunities and challenges they may face when introducing AF into their businesses.

To support businesses making decisions now and in the future, Allstar Business Solutions’ report details the following key considerations:

  • Policy – Navigating the politics surrounding alternative fuels
  • Value and cost of alternative fuel vehicles – can AF drive down the cost of fleet operations?
  • Driving fleet evolution in the right direction
  • Interoperability, infrastructure and payment – meeting the challenges of incorporating AFVs into fleet operations

The full report can be downloaded here:

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