In response to the lack of clarity regarding Bristol City Council’s clean air proposals, Chris Yarsley, FTA’s Policy Manager for the South West of England, comments:

“As the voice of the UK logistics industry, FTA is calling for Bristol City Council to clarify its proposals on the new hybrid Clean Air Zone in 2021. Local businesses deserve to be given consistent and accurate information; the messages surrounding the plans from the Council are confused and misleading. While the official documentation states the diesel ban plan will only include diesel cars, media reports have referred to it as a blanket diesel vehicle ban.

“A ban on all diesel vehicles would have a massive impact on local businesses; they must be given clear direction and adequate time to prepare. While FTA and its members fully support the Council’s aim to improve air quality, we expect clarity on matters of such importance as a bare minimum. The confusion leaves local businesses in the dark on how to proceed with business planning.”

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