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14:00 Thu 4th Apr 2019 | Posted By UKHAULIER

Fuel card provider AS 24 has highlighted some of the key benefits of its fuel cards, which provide access not only to fuel and secured transactions (the Single or Double AS 24 Card) but also to a range of ancillary services across the continent. 

“With the growth of free trade and free market policies, the international exchange of goods throughout Europe has considerably increased,” said Roland Saunion, managing director, AS 24 UK and Ireland. 

“This phenomenon has been remarkable in terms of the import and export of goods that have completely redefined the role of transport industry in the global market. 

“The activity of transport companies has been diversified. The role and habits of drivers have also changed remarkably over time; they travel hundreds of kilometres each day, load and unload cargo, refuel, pay for road tolls or tunnels, and use parking or ferries.

“The AS 24 fuel card permits access to more than 860 stations in more than 28 European countries and 15,000 partners sites accessible with the AS 24 Eurotrafic card.  Currently AS 24 offers 60 sites in the UK and 15 in Ireland, with many more to come. 

“In order to avoid unnecessary travel while providing our clients with as diverse range of services as possible, our network stations are located in strategic locations, close to most of the highways and to the main logistics platforms in Europe.”

Among the fuel card solutions available from AS 24 are the single and double AS24 cards, providing secure access to AS 24 stations in France and Europe.

The single AS 24 card is assigned to one vehicle or one driver and is said to be particularly useful where the same vehicle-driver combination is maintained. 

PIN-protected, it allows fuelling limits to be set to reduce the risk of misuse, and access to automated stations, requiring no human intervention between the pump and invoicing. 

Also available is the double AS 24 card, suited to situations where vehicles are being used by several drivers. 

Two cards are issued – one vehicle card, which remains in the truck at all times, and one driver card retained by the driver. This allows managers to immediately see on the invoice who refuelled, and with which vehicle. 

AS 24 also offers a range of additional services to help improve efficiency. These include the Info Service option, providing itemised details of spending; the Card Control service, which allows fuel consumption limits to be set and card activation to be managed; and Card Alert, allowing fuel consumption and expenses to be closely monitored. 

AS 24 says its fuel card technology guarantees maximum levels of security. Every transaction on each AS 24 site is checked online before being authorised. The fraud issue that many transport companies experience nowadays is minimised, the firm adds, due to the EMV chip and pin technology. 

Both AS 24 and AS 24 Eurotrafic cards give drivers access to HGV fuelling options, AdBlue, truck wash facilities. In addition, the Eurotrafic card permit to use the 24/7 breakdown assistance in 40 European countries and an extensive parking network.

The Eurotrafic card can also be used to pay for tolls in UK; it allows direct payments of the M6 toll at the toll stations. Drivers can also pay the UK HGV levy and many tolls on the motorways in 17 European countries. 

The card is perfectly adapted to companies with big fleets as well as small ones, says AS 24, and for all types of transport companies operating locally as well as internationally. 

AS 24 is also now one of leading providers of toll badges with their PASSango toll box, which facilitates the convenient payment of tolls across Europe with one single box. 

The technology relies on a transponder system, the sensor of which is automatically detected when passing through an electronic toll booth, allowing for quick and easy transactions. 

The system adapts to the geographical perimeter of each customer, including those operating in France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Austria. It includes a EuroPilot option, accessible from the Customer Portal or via the Fleet Manager mobile application, which offers real-time monitoring of vehicles and a set of alerts for fleet managers.

“Haulage companies prefer PASSango’s functionalities because it offers access to discounts for various highway operators, reducing costs and keeping the operator in control, all in one box” said Roland Saunion. 

He added that the integration of Viapass (a usage-based charging system for vehicles in Belgium) within the system had provided additional benefits for users. 

This year, AS 24 is making significant efforts to expand the geographical scope of this offer throughout Europe. Belgium Viapass was integrated in the last quarter of 2017; this was followed by Austria in November last year, and soon by Germany during the summer of 2019.

From June 2018, HGV drivers using the system have also enjoyed access to secure parking at the Eurotunnel. Cited advantages include high security, a first hour free offer, an AS 24 station located inside the parking area, a restaurant, retail options, well-maintained bathroom facilities and free Wi-Fi. 


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