Offering an industry leading cashless payment system, SNAP Account has amassed a customer base of over 55,000 drivers from more than 2,000 fleets and they are now expanding into Ireland and France.

SNAP customers can pay for parking, washing and the Dartford Crossing (among other things) on one simple account that’s linked to their registration number. Cash never needs to change hands, all of the charges incurred are added to an itemised invoice. It’s proven to be a popular method of payment and their drivers will now be able to use the same service abroad. Located about 18 miles north of Dublin, Caffrey International will offer Depot Parking and truck washing. This secure site is one of SNAP’s network of secure Depots, offering prebookable parking exclusively to their customers, meaning they will be guaranteed a safe place to park when they turn up.

Meanwhile in northern France, Polley Secure Lorry Park will soon be accepting payment with SNAP Account. This 10-hectare site in Calais offers secure parking right near one of the busiest ports in Europe, giving SNAP customers an even more convenient service for those who drive on the continent. As the newspapers warn of further disruption and danger over the summer with regards to migrants trying to hide away and reach England, knowing there is a secure, well-guarded site to rest in will be hugely valuable.

This represents just the start of a more ambitious long term strategy for moving into Europe. By working with the European Secure Parking Organisation (ESPORG), drivers will, in the near future, be able to pay for services across the continent with SNAP, meaning no cash, no receipts, just a simple invoice at the end of the week.

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