The logistics industry knew it was coming, but now the news is widespread: there is a big HGV driver shortage in the UK, and it could spread further into Europe too. Thanks to Logistics UK recognising AVAIL as a great job platform in the recent Department for Transport Letter, the company has witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of downloads. As a result, AVAIL’s driver app now boasts over 10,000 drivers actively applying for work. 

Last week, the Department for Transport posted one million letters to HGV-licence holders asking them to consider returning to the sector admin the driver shortage crisis. Fuelled by Brexit, IR35 implementation, and an ageing workforce, among other reasons, the UK HGV driver shortfall is estimated to be around 100,000.

In the letter, attention was drawn to improvements in pay and conditions in the sector, highlighting improvements with working arrangements, including opportunities for fixed hours, part-time hours and flexible working. The letter followed on with two website links for the reader to further research into this, one to the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and one to Logistics UK, within Logistics UK’s link they recommend certain websites for HGV Driver job opportunities, We’re Avail was one of the recommended five.

In addition to their letter, the UK government plans to reform the HGV driving test by removing the staged testing process, which means that around 20,000 tests will be saved each year. What’s more, instructors will assess parts of the tests themselves rather than examiners, which could save a further 30,000 tests needed each year. Finally, the haulage industry will have some short-term relief with the DfT allowing 5,000 HGV drivers into the UK on temporary visas in the run-up to Christmas. 

In terms of longer-term plans, the Department for Education is investing around £10 million to train 3,000 new HGV drivers on a short, intensive and free course enabling them to become category C or C&E licence holders.

One company also making its own revolutionary stamp on the sector is AVAIL. AVAIL’s smartphone App is certainly helping to bring the logistics industry up to speed in the modern era and is an easy-to-use resource for both drivers and hauliers alike. Through the App, drivers can find well-paid work at their fingertips whenever they want it. Equally, hauliers can find available drivers more easily than ever before.

Since Logistics UK recognised AVAIL as a way to get the industry back on track, the company has seen more and more drivers logging on to the App to look for work, which is a promising sign for the sector and the ongoing crisis. Moreover, AVAIL is also the company powering the Logistics UK recruitment driver app too, so working together is certainly helping things head in the right direction.

Steven Rogers, AVAIL’s Head of Marketing, said: “we’re on track to have 2% of all HGV drivers in the UK using the AVAIL Driver App by the end of 2021.” This is a positive step for the logistics industry in its current state. While the driver shortage is receiving a lot of negative attention, some sparks are igniting. AVAIL is certainly helping to get things moving again in the right direction. 

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