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Traffic Commissioner says operator gained an unfair competitive advantage when no transport manager was employed.

As industry regulators, the traffic commissioners promote safe, fair, efficient and reliable passenger and goods transport.

Taking proportionate regulatory action against non-compliant operators in public inquiries ensures only those fit to hold a licence can continue to operate. This minimises the burden on compliant operators, like you.

At a recent public inquiry, an operator lost its licence after the lack of a suitable transport manager prevented fundamental failures from being appreciated and addressed.

This left operations non-compliant with road safety regulations.

Stretching of maintenance frequencies, inadequate record keeping and a series of prohibitions were amongst the findings of a DVSA investigation.

North West Traffic Commissioner, Simon Evans, said he didn’t have the level of confidence necessary to be satisfied the operator would be compliant in the future.

He said it was right for the firm be removed from the transport industry.

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