Hiab’s strategy to increase network coverage across the UK and Ireland is paying dividends as more businesses invest in reducing downtime.

To keep trucks moving a 150-strong team of professional support engineers are on hand to support drivers who have an issue with a Hiab crane or demountable when on the road.

Managing director for Hiab UK Ian Mitchell said the on-road support differentiated them in the market place, proving to be a deciding factor when investing in cranes and specialist on-road handling equipment.

Ian said: “One of the biggest strengths we have in the UK and Ireland is our network coverage. We have access to 150 highly-trained field engineers in the UK; this level of coverage gives us a leading edge over the competition and it’s paying off as we are seeing businesses choosing Hiab as a result.”

Builders Merchant JT Dove has recently invested in seven Hiab X HiDuo 158 cranes on Mercedes chassis. Operations manager, Chris Pearson explained the decision to choose Hiab was made easier because of the service support offered.

Chris said: “Hiab has seven service engineers in our region in comparison to the competitor who only has three. The number of engineers on the road makes a big difference to us, we are more reliable and able to provide a better-quality service to our customers.

“At JT Dove we have worked to grow our customer base across the Northern region to be the first choice for customers over the national brands. In the last ten years we have trebled the size of our business.”

JT Dove operates 44 HGVs from 19 locations and will be opening a new branch in South Shields later in the year. The seven new trucks with Hiab cranes will support the new branch and are part of JT Dove’s ongoing modernization and fleet expansion programme.

Chris added: “We have ambitious plans to secure even more of the market share in this area; to do this we need the best and most reliable kit which is why we have chosen Hiab.

“Thanks to the number of Hiab field service engineers, we are confident that any downtime is minimized so we can continue to deliver for our customers.”

Regional manager for the Hiab UK North, Ian Bebb said: “Our customers are never more than an hour away from one of our service engineers. Reducing downtime and having confidence in the support network is a big part of our plan to become the number one partner of choice for suppliers.”

Chris explained: “The Hiab X HiDuo 158 also has an excellent stability system. We do a lot of deliveries round back lanes and in rural areas, which can be challenging with such a heavy load, but that extra few millimeters gives us extra carrying capacity for the lift. I look forward to upgrading our fleet of trucks very soon.”

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