The Port of Dover has warmly welcomed the news that the United Kingdom is to join the Common Transit Convention (CTC) in its own right.

CTC will enable logistics operators to make a single declaration when despatching their goods which will then cover their entire journey, rather than having to make successive declarations every time the lorry crosses a border.  By moving customs formalities away from ports, to premises of despatch and delivery instead, it plays an important role in enabling supply chains to flow smoothly.

Barbara Buczek, Director of Corporate Development and Operational Businesses, Port of Dover, said: “The Port has campaigned for the UK to join the Common Transit Convention in its own right since the UK voted to leave the EU as it recognised the particular benefits for Dover in both a deal or no-deal scenario. 

As a convention which has the European Union as an existing member and one which requires such members to agree to any new requests to join, this is a positive sign that both sides do indeed recognise that there is no alternative to keeping this vital trade artery flowing.  This is a welcome and reassuring development for our customers and the logistics industry.”

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