PIMK Ltd has taken a further step forward in providing sustainable transport solutions by converting part of its fleet to natural gas with the purchase of 50 new IVECO Stralis NP AS440S40T/P trucks powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

PIMK Ltd is based in the oldest European city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and is one of the major transport companies operating in Eastern Europe. With a fleet of more than 1,400 heavy commercial vehicles and its PIMK Rail service, the company offers sustainable and innovative transport solutions to customers throughout Europe and parts of Asia and Africa.

The company’s owners, Mr Ilian Filipov and Mr Penko Nestorov, prioritise customer satisfaction and sustainability in their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and increase their efficiency. For this reason, PIMK Ltd chose to invest in natural gas-powered vehicles, which they see as the only sustainable choice available today for long-haul road transport, as well as new electric locomotives for PIMK Rail.

Mr. Nestorov said: “With the 50 new IVECO Stralis NPs running on natural gas we are meeting the highest environmental standards for road transport. These vehicles will be entirely dedicated to transporting goods and food for KAUFLAND across Bulgaria.”

The IVECO Stralis NP CNG vehicles feature a 400 hp engine, generate 99 per cent less PM, 90 per cent less NO2 and 95 per cent less CO2 with bio-methane, compared to equivalent diesel vehicles. With less than 71dB on the Piek Quiet Truck Test scale, these vehicles are perfect for transport in city centres with noise limitations and for night-time deliveries.

PIMK’s sustainable investment includes a full package of services for optimising the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which the company sees as a key advantage of IVECO’s range of natural gas commercial vehicles. The investment in new vehicles results from PIMK’s intention to further develop as a green company, and the innovative approach of IVECO and its distributor in Bulgaria, DANUBETRUCK BULGARIA.

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